Lock & Home Screens

You're holding two screens

Same, different, with or without effects - you choose!

  • Each Theme, Playlist or Effect can target a different screen

How to use screens?

  • 1. Each Theme, Playlist or Effect has a Target Screen option
  • 2. When using Effects to target different screens - the effect can be applied to either one
  • 3. When a wallpaper is applied - it will apply to either screen, or both
  • 4. When "Different" is selected for a wallpaper source, it will pick for either of the two screens and pick a different random one for the other screen
  • 5. Let Tapet do its magic and apply unique wallpapers for you

Take control of your screens.

  • Blurry Lock-Screen? Easy.

  • Patterns on your Home-Screen and cats on your Lock-Screen? You got it!

  • Fixed Home-Screen and dynamic Lock-Screen? You know what to do.

  • A family album as your Lock-Screen? Go for it!